Which Classic TV Superhero Are You?

Khadija Leon

What was your favorite comic book?

Do you prefer Marvel or DC?

Which of these superpowers would you have?

What color would your outfit be?

What side are you on, good or evil?

Which of these weapons would you own?

Where would your secret hideout be?

Do you prefer to work on your own or in a group?

Would you like to have a sidekick?

Who will know your real identity?

What is your background story?

Which villain would you like to take down?

Which of these Marvel defenders would you ask for help?

Which of these is your favorite sound effect words?

Which modern superhero TV series would you watch today?

Which of these words describes you?

What is your best quality?

What is your biggest weakness?

What is your goal in life?

Which of these emotions do you feel most often?

What is your day job?

Which of these issues do you dislike most?

What do you do in your spare time?

Which of these songs would be the theme song for your own show (life)?

Which of these actors/actresses would you like to play you in a movie?

Which of these cities would you like to live in?

How do you get around your city?

How do you stay in shape?

Which of these accessories do you wear?

Which of these clubs were you a part of in school?

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Image: Warner Bros.

About This Quiz

Superhero comic books only rose to prominence between the 1930s and 1940s, and the most popular of them were Superman, Batman, Captain America, and Wonder Woman. The two publishing companies who made an impact in the comic book world at that time were Marvel and DC. To date, many of their characters are still very popular and not only have they been adapted to television series but also to blockbuster movies which have had budgets exceeding $200 million. 

One of the first TV adaptation was in 1952 with "The Adventures of Superman" where actor George Reeves took on the role of the superhero. "Batman" (1966 - 1968) starring Adam West, "Wonder Woman" (1975 - 1979) starring Linda Carter, and "The Incredible Hulk" (1978 - 1982) starring Lou Ferrigno as the big green monster all followed suit and paved the way for the new generation of superhero TV shows that are aired today.

Which classic television superhero are you? Will you have the ability of super strength, flight, immortality, or some cool tech that helps you to save the day? And what kind of outfit will you be wearing? If you would like to find out, take this quiz!

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