Quiz: Which Classic Winter Trend Should You Rock in 2017?
Which Classic Winter Trend Should You Rock in 2017?
By: Teresa M.
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

Winter trends come and go, but somethings are so classic they stay forever. This winter, you should rock one of the hottest winter accessories to hit the market! it can't be just any winter accessory, though. We encourage you to choose with your personality before trying anything on! 

Throughout the winter trend quiz, we're going to take a look at your fashion favorites. We might even ask how you feel about winter, too. After we've gathered up enough information about you and your personality quirks, we'll be sure to share with you the winter trend that will keep you warm with the greatest of styles possible. Not everyone can pull off mittens, any more than your dad can pull off an earflap hat. Choosing just the perfect winter trend is an important balance of style, function, and your own expression. Nothing is colder than not being yourself! 

Tell us how you like to spend the winter, and how you feel comfortable dressing throughout the colder months. Your sense of style will help us to figure out exactly which winter trend would look best on your head - or your hands! Let's find out which classic winter trend you will flawlessly rock!

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