Which Color Palette Complements You Most?

Talin Vartanian

If you were going to a spa, which of these treatments would you indulge in?

How do you feel about wearing electric blue lipstick?

Your skin deserves which of the following treatment masks?

Your makeup inspiration comes from which of these fashionable celebrities?

There are many makeup brands in the cosmetics world, but which of these is one of your favorites?

When it comes to lip gloss, do you prefer a shiny or a matte finish?

You tend to reach for which type of foundation for some extra coverage?

How can your sense of style best be described?

Diamonds are great, but which of these gemstones would really make a ring sparkle?

Do you like to use makeup setting spray to "set" your makeup?

How many makeup products do you currently own?

Which of these scented hand sanitizers would make a great addition to your purse or car?

Do you like to match your makeup look to your hair or eye color?

What do you like to focus on when you get ready for a fun night out?

How often do you wear makeup during the week?

Which of these holidays calls for a fun makeup look?

How would your friends and family describe your personality?

Which of these foreign cities inspires your fashion and makeup choices?

What's your skill level when it comes to highlighting and contouring?

Do you prefer more traditional or avant-garde makeup looks?

Is it more important to dress for style or comfort?

Your social media pages are full of what kind of pictures?

Would you like to trade your smartphone for $300 worth of makeup products?

Which of these beautiful spirit animals deserves a small tattoo on your wrist?

Does your sense of style hide or express your inner personality?

Do you try to eat foods that will make your skin glow?

What type of hair and makeup look would you choose for your dream wedding?

Which of the following words describes your skin tone?

What type of makeup product are you more likely to splurge on?

Everyone has a go-to makeup look, but what would yours be described as?

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Image: Veena Nair / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

If you've ever worn makeup or dressed to impress, then you've most likely experimented with a variety of color palettes. While there's nothing wrong with wearing, say, an orange shirt with a green belt, certain shades just naturally pair better together. So let's briefly go over some classic combos for more insight.

Black and white are considered to be universal colors, which means that they pair well with almost every other hue. But what about tricky shades like cherry red? For this answer, look no further than a classic color wheel, which shows some basic hues that you're probably familiar with. Complementary colors are on the opposite sides on this wheel, so for our cherry red example, you could pair it with shades like emerald or perhaps seaweed green. 

Certain palettes often appear in digital marketing ads, interior design, TV commercials, web design and even restaurants. In fact, psychology plays a significant role when it comes to colors, as they impact our senses, what we click on and what we buy in this world. 

But we're going to take the beauty route in this colorful quiz today, so tell us more about your personality to find your suitable color palette!

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