We Know Which Combination of Disney Characters You Are, Based on This Sex Quiz

By: Khadija Leon

What is your relationship status?

You would like your lover to be…

How do you refer to having sex?

You enjoy being …

When was the last time that you got laid?

How many partners have you had?

How would your exes describe you in bed?

What is your usual type?

Which of these places would you like to hook up in?

Which of the rooms in the house do you like to do the deed in most?

What time of day do you like to have sex most?

Which of these toys would you like to try on your own?

Which of these toys would you try with a partner?

Which of these locations is your sweet spot?

What does your moan sound like?

Which of these treats would you add to your activities?

Would you say that you possess any special talents?

How do you feel about blindfolds?

Would you every try using clamps?

Are you more dominant or submissive in bed?

Do you mind being spanked or do you prefer spanking?

Does size really matter?

Would you ever add another person into the mix?

Which of these songs would you add to your sex playlist?

Do you usually keep going even after you climax?

When you have done the deed, you like to…

Which of these emojis do you send to your lover?

Which of these rated M movies have you seen multiple times?

Which of these raunchy books do you own?

Which of these countries would you go to?

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Image: Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures

About This Quiz

For over 100 years, Disney has been creating iconic characters, the first of which was Mickey Mouse. Throughout their different eras, their characters have gone on to include characters from all walks of life, races, social statuses, both male and female, from both the animated and live action world. There's really a character to cover just about every wrinkle of the human experience.

The characters from Disney's vast universe fall into one of four stereotypical character types - princesses, villains, sidekicks, princes or heroes. Some of their most iconic characters include Ariel and Eric, Belle and Gaston, Moana, Pinocchio, Dory, Quasimodo, Winnie the Pooh, Mulan, the originals of Mickey and Minnie Mouse as well as the sidekick duo Timon and Pumbaa. 

Will you turn out to be a combination of a princess and a sidekick or a combination of a villain and hero? Will you be a mix of some of Disney's original characters or could you be a combination of any one of the characters listed above? If you would like to find out who you'll end up with, you'll find out when you have completed this quiz!

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