Quiz: Which Concept Car Represents Your Inner Gearhead?
Which Concept Car Represents Your Inner Gearhead?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: Wiki Commons by Matti Blume

About This Quiz

Whether you're a true gearhead or you've ever been to an auto show, or even seen coverage of one, you probably know all about concept cars. These vehicles are a gearhead's dream. They look like they come from the future, they have amazing designs featuring unique lines, high-tech interiors, and ridiculously shiny wheels. They also are pretty much something that you can guarantee you will never see on the street. 

So why are they made? Well, mostly for two reasons. One is about image; a car manufacturer can get a lot of press and publicity with an awesome concept car. The other is about technology. Car makers can show off their new technology that they might plan on using in a regular car, but in a concept car, it looks so much cooler.

We went back and found some of the coolest concept cars of all time. Some are sleek, aerodynamic and, in anyone's book, totally cool. Others look like they are straight out of the future, with all the technology and gadgets that go with it, while others test the limits of one's imagination. Take this quiz, and we'll tell you which concept car reps your inner gearhead. Just make sure you buckle up first.

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Not all of us are of this time period; when do you think should you have been born?

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Do you have a lead foot? How often have you been busted for speeding?

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Is it important to you that you stay up on all of the new technology?

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Where do you tend to shop for your food?

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If you had to move, what country would most suit your style?

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What does the opposite sex find most attractive about you?

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If your best friend had to describe you in one word, what would they choose?

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If you're late for an appointment, how much over the speed limit do you go?

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Which of these Ben Stiller movies fits your vibe best?

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We know you're valuable at work, do a lot of people where you work rely on you?

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Do you ever watch any sort of car racing whether it be live or on TV?

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Time to hit the road; what music festival sounds most fun to see?

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Let's pretend you're rich; how much money do you need to be happy?

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Show off your skills; which sport would you be good at competing in?

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You're hungry, what would be your choice if you needed to snack on something?

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The Patriots just won another Super Bowl, how do you feel about that?

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What kind of player would you be in World Of Warcraft?

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What kind of tunes are you cranking from your car?

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How would you handle it if you got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere?

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Would you say that you're the type of person that likes to flirt?

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When it comes to making big decisions, how impulsive are you?

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How do you handle things when you're really stressed out?

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It's finally the weekend, when do you get out of bed?

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