Which Country Should You Be Ambassador To?

Zoe Samuel

Do you want to learn another language?

How different a culture sounds good to you?

Do you mind being in a location where America isn't popular?

Do you mind the heat?

How about damp weather?

What food do you want to eat?

How do you want to get around?

Are you planning to raise a family there?

How's your golf game?

Can you stay silent in the face of injustice?

Do want to be where the action is?

Do you mind not being entirely safe?

How far away from home is optimal?

What sort of government do you want to deal with?

Can you live without a free press?

Do you like to get people on your side by throwing fabulous parties?

How would you feel about there being a monarch?

Could you handle living on a compound for expats?

Do you want to be somewhere very monocultural?

Where will your kids go to school?

What job could your spouse have there?

How important is it to you to live somewhere with a generally socially progressive outlook?

Would you want to go native?

How religious are you?

What fruit do you like?

What airline will you fly to get there?

What faux pas will you know never to commit?

What's something about foreign cultures that you really like?

Do you want to be somewhere that is really coming up in the world?

How much history do you want to study?

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About This Quiz

Being an ambassador requires taste, linguistic skills, and cultural knowledge (and apparently, a yen for Ferrero Roche chocolates), and all of it specific to a certain nation. Which suits you?

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