Which Crystal Reflects Your Outlook on Life?

Marie Hullett

Let's say that your job offers you a promotion that requires you to relocate across the country. What do you do?

How emotionally close do you feel to your friends?

Imagine that you have the opportunity to interview with the C.I.A. Do you think you have what it takes to be a spy?

Pretend you just went on a date, and it was horrible. Thoughts?

Which one of these new-age practices with roots in ancient traditions are you on board with?

Whether you're on a date or in class, what's your inner monologue like?

Which of these aspects of your life do you prioritize most?

Even the smartest individuals can fall victim to misguided schemes. Be honest. Do you think you would be susceptible to joining a cult?

Let's say that your long-term partner breaks up with you over text message, out of the blue. What are you thinking?

Life is filled with chaos, disappointment and tragedy. How are you likely to respond to life's inevitable setbacks?

Are you an avid news reader?

Imagine that you have an opportunity to take an all-expenses-paid trip to Paris with your friend, but it overlaps with an important work presentation coming up. What do you do?

You're feeling extremely overwhelmed with all of life's obligations. How are you most likely to react?

Picture a random stranger from anywhere in the world. Do you suspect that they're fundamentally good, or fundamentally bad?

Which of these quotes speaks to you most deeply?

Would you rather be extremely successful but be be really rude to every service person, or unsuccessful but kind to every service person?

How many times do you think you say "sorry" on an average day?

Some people think hard work pays off. Others, not so much. Where do you stand?

Let's discuss matters of the heart. How quick are you, generally, to say "I love you"?

What are your thoughts of the many famous pranksters on YouTube? (Like, the parents who make their kids cry by convincing them they're invisible.)

Are you a fan of the "unlikable" protagonist in books, movies and stories (Anna Karenina, Dorian Gray, Borat, and Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski, for instance)?

So, you have to get a Latin phrase tattooed on you. Sorry, but you have no choice! What will it be?

Imagine that your phone rings. How likely are you to pick it up?

Which super-sad '90s pop breakup song speaks to your soul?

OK, so you're at the humane society, and there's an adorable mixed-breed puppy making (naturally) puppy eyes at you. You learn there's only about a week left before the little one will be euthanized. What do you?

How likely are you to get bored in a romantic relationship?

If you don't have children, pretend that you do. Which of these phrases are you most likely to say to them?

Here's a hard one. Would you rather be totally free or totally safe?

Which one of these scenarios sounds most ideal?

Let's talk about family. Which one of these quotes best describes your outlook in this area?

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About This Quiz

Practitioners of crystal healing believe that stones and crystals like quartz, amethyst, opals, Celestine and everything in between can bring wellness and positive energy to individuals. Though some indigenous groups have practiced crystal healing for generations, the rest of the world has only recently caught on to the magical worlds harbored inside each natural mineral. In this practice, each rock is so much more than just a rock—it possesses its own unique properties with the potential to enhance different areas of one's life.

In fact, there's a special crystal out there that reflects your individualized place in the world. Just as crystals reflect the glint of the sun, they can reflect your views and beliefs right back at you. If you don't already know which crystal reflects your outlook, it's time to find out.

Don't worry:  You don't need to be the expensive-amethyst wielding, jade egg-hocking Gwyneth Paltrow in order to get on board with the magic of crystals. Simply take the following quiz to determine which crystal represents your perspective on the world as we know it. Are you always blue like aquamarine, or do you prefer to keep it dark like obsidian? Answer these questions to attain the crystal-clear clarity you're after, once and for all.

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