Quiz: Which CSI Team Member Are You?
Which CSI Team Member Are You?
By: Tori Highley
Image: CBS Productions

About This Quiz

With captivating storylines and an engaging cast, CSI has been revealing the mysterious process of solving homicides and major crimes with forensic science. Audiences have always loved watching the deductive process of solving crimes, but this show had them fall in love with the scientists doing critical work. And it has often left viewers wondering if they too could solve crimes on a crime scene investigation team.

The teams working these cases are the best in their fields. These elite scientists and investigators prove every day that their skills are vital to catching murderers and solving crimes. With new cases everyday and mounting crime, real-life crime scene investigators have a lot of pressure on their work. Their vital roles keep people safe, but only if their skills are used in the best way. It takes a lot of special scientists to keep people safe.

CSI gives us great examples of the forensic investigators that keep us safe every day. But which investigator would you be like if you became an investigator? Our quiz will help you find out which vital role you would play in solving crime and keeping your community safe. See if you are the tender-hearted Nick Stokes or the steadfast leader Jim Brass with our CSI quiz!

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