Which Cullen Family Member Matches Your Soul?

Emily Maggrett

Are you more Lestat or Vampire Bill?

Are you good at picking up on others' emotions?

Do you think it would be weird to go to high school for decades?

What kind of eater are you?

Which physical traits are you most attracted to?

Would you ever stay up all night to watch your crush sleep?

In a perfect world, where would you and your Cullen live?

Have you been through a LOT?

Let's say you're going to the beach. What are you wearing?

Are you the parent of your group, the babe of your group, the loner of your group or the enforcer of your group?

Be honest with yourself: Are you cool or dorky?

An attractive person says they "like the smell of your blood." Your response?

Your partner is cheating on you with your best friend. What's your move?

What do you look for in a vampire boyfriend or girlfriend?

Let's talk hair. Which of these styles is the most appealing?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much self-control do you have?

What do your exes have in common?

When someone you like ignores you, it's ...

How do you feel about the scene in "Twilight" where they all play baseball?

Were you goth in high school?

Be honest: Is Bella's dad actually the hottest person in the entire "Twilight" film series?

Who's the most believable vampire actor in "Twilight"?

Besides Stephenie Meyer, who's your go-to author for vampire thrills?

Are you pro-Bella or anti-Bella?

How do you feel about dad bods?

Do you mind it when your partner is the jealous type?

Would you rather go out with someone who appeared to be in their thirties or someone who appeared to be in their late teens to early twenties?

If you met someone that you suspected of being a vampire, would you try to figure out their deal by Googling "cold ones"?

Do you think it's weird that some of the Cullens are siblings, yet they're dating each other?

What's your go-to dating app?

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About This Quiz

The last "Twilight" movie came out in 2012, but true "Twilight" fans are still talking about the Cullens! Because what's more interesting than a family of young, hot vampires who live in the Northwest? Virtually nothing. We all want a boyfriend as passionate as Edward, or a girlfriend as faithful as Bella. We'd all love to have a best friend like tough, spunky Alice or delicate, alluring Rosalie. Esme and Carlisle are the ideal parents. And don't sleep on Jasper Hale or Emmett Cullen — they're hunks for the ages!

Is all this "Twilight" talk making you sentimental? Good! That puts you in the ideal mood for a quiz in which we'll be talking Cullens, Cullens, Cullens. In order to figure out which pale cutie is your soul's match, we need some information from you. Such as: How do you feel about being watched while you sleep? Is sparkly chest makeup a deal-breaker for you? How good are you with the concept of going to high school for decades?

In return for your honest answers, we'll reveal which amazing Cullen family member you should get to know better. Ready for a sensual, mysterious vacation to Forks, WA? Let's get quizzing!

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