Which David Bowie Should Be Your Valentine’s Date?

Raj Chander

How do you let loose and relax?

What's your ideal form of government?

What kind of musician are you most likely to date on Valentine's Day?

What's your favorite romantic movie?

Do aliens exist?

Which celebrity do you admire most?

What's most important to you in a Valentine?

Which love poem is your favorite?

How is your relationship with your parents?

What's your opinion on mythological creatures?

Which female celebrity would you like to be your Valentine?

What's your favorite style of music?

What is your purpose on Earth?

Are you going to hook up with your Valentine's Day date?

How do you think you will die?

What is your ideal relationship with your Valentine?

How did you get along with others at school?

How do you form serious romantic relationships?

What are you wearing for your Valentine's Day date?

What's your favorite type of party?

What are you drinking on your Valentine's Day date?

Which would be your ideal car to pick up your valentine?

Which date activity would you choose for Valentine's Day?

Which instrument do you play or want to learn?

How do you feel about uniforms?

What's your ideal city to live in?

What do you think about outer space?

How are you wearing your hair on Valentine's Day?

Which famous romance writer do you most identify with?

What's your ideal home?

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About This Quiz

"And the stars look very different today..."

For David Bowie, one of the most iconic and complex musical figures of the 20th century, being different was a part of life. Throughout the 70s, 80s, and 90s, Bowie was not only a musician - he dabbled in acting, painting, fashion, and other creative fields.

It wasn't merely his pursuit of art that made him a multifaceted person. Bowie quite literally reinvented himself several times, often marking the start of a new era in his music or a change in his personal feelings on love and sexuality. After a late 70s falling out with manager Tony Defries related to improper management of his money, Bowie was particularly aware of the financial impact of changing his identity.

As a practitioner in multiple creative disciplines, Bowie was able to reinforce his new identities through visual and musical mediums, making them particularly potent. At his height, he was known as much for his art as his outlandish costumes, hairstyles, and stage behavior.

But the real question, of course, is which Bowie you would date. Would you rather take an interstellar cruise with Ziggy Stardust, or do you want to reform the government after a Valentine's Day bender with the Thin White Duke? Get through this quiz to find out!

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