Quiz: Which Designing Women Character are You?
Which Designing Women Character are You?
By: Teresa M.

About This Quiz

Southern, classy, and sassy! The ladies from the hit show "Designing Women" were bold, outspoken, and fearless business women making their mark on the world in Atlanta, Georgia. Together with Anthony, the dynamic foursome of women were always finding themselves in the most hilarious of situations. Sometimes hilarious and sometimes endearing, no "Designing Women" episode was without buckets full of style. 

You might be a little more timid like Mary Jo, or you might be as passionate and loud as Julia, but your level of class remains the same. You don't believe in being fitted with a label, and you'll stand your ground in the most graceful of ways. Always elegant but full of courage, the four women share a bond that likens sisterhood. If you were one of the group, do you know which one you would be? This quiz has done a little designing of its own! Telling us about yourself and your views on the show will point us in the direction of the character you are most like. 

Get out some heels and a glass, or bottle, of chardonnay. Then, make sure you are wearing your sassy pants. You're going to love the character you get! 

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