Which Disney Character Are You in the Streets, and Which One Are You Between the Sheets?

Zoe Samuel

Do you know how to really let go in bed?

How dominant are you in bed?

Are you a leader out in the streets?

Are you very different in the sheets and the streets?

Is your sexuality very key to your sense of self?

Do you ever talk about your sex life in public?

Are you someone with a lot of sexual secrets?

Do you come across in public as pretty upper class?

Where is the best place to make love?

Do you like to snuggle after you make love?

In public, how traditionally "manly" are you?

Do you always make sure to satisfy your lover first?

What sort of dresser are you in public?

Would you ever run a business?

Do you like to be submissive sometimes?

Would people be surprised by how you are in bed?

How often is too often?

How monogamous are you?

How mortified would you be if people knew about your darkest fantasy?

Can you discuss your wants in bed?

Are you good at asking for what you want in the streets?

Be honest: do you think you're great in bed?

What wrong thing do new lovers generally assume about you?

How frustrated do you get if you don't get any for a while?

Are you publicly quite mild-mannered?

What extra thing do you like to bring into the bedroom?

How proper are you in public?

What do you do for a living?

How old were you when you first slept with someone?

Do you only have sex within a serious relationship?

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Image: Walt Disney Pictures/Walt Disney Feature Animation

About This Quiz

One of the common misconceptions about the way a person's sexuality manifests is that whoever they are in public, that's who they are in the bedroom. If a person is a powerful CEO type, then obviously they are dominant, forthright, and (courtesy of "Fifty Shades") at least somewhat kinky. If they are a quiet and submissive sort of person who lets people push them around all the time, then they are passive in bed. However, the reality is far more nuanced than this, and very often the opposite. Indeed, any professional dominatrix can tell you that the powerful male CEO dying to be dominated and humiliated is by far the biggest portion of her clientele!

Fortunately, Disney can help us to understand these split elements of personalities better, as we don't have to choose just one character to represent who we are in all portions of our lives. Perhaps you're Ariel in bed, the mermaid who has undergone significant body modifications to get the body that is true to who she is, but in public, you're the much more vanilla and socially "normal" Prince Eric. No matter what your public and private proclivities, we bet we can find you the right pair to best encapsulate them! Let's see how we do!

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