Which Disney Princess Are You Nothing Like?

Jennifer Post

Let’s start pretty easy. Which Disney movie do you want to watch on a cold and rainy day?

If people were to be jealous of you, what would they be jealous of?

When you think of things that scare you, what does it the most?

It’s time to pick a soul mate! What do you look for?

Which talking animal would be your best friend?

If you have a day off from your hectic schedule, how do you like to spend that time?

Do you like outdoor activities?

What do you think makes for a lasting relationship?

Can you think of the perfect first date spot?

When you feel like rocking out to some music, what type do you usually go with?

What’s your idea of a happily ever after?

Is there one thing that’s part of every outfit you wear?

Where is your favorite place to go and unwind?

In the summer, how long do you normally spend at the beach?

Do you have a hairstyle that flatters your face the most?

What’s your dream career?

Could you sum up your style in one word?

Where is the most ideal place for your dream home?

What kind of house have you always imagined living in?

How do you decide what to have for dinner?

Is there a color palette that you like to stick to for your wardrobe?

When you were in school, which subject did you excel at?

How would you tell someone that you liked them?

What’s the best sleepover activity?

If someone offered you an all-expenses paid vacation, where would you go?

Do you consider yourself to be a good flirt?

If the Disney princesses had an Instagram, which one would you follow?

Working out is good for the body, but do you enjoy it?

Are you a pretty honest person?

Do you have a close relationship with your family?

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Image: Walt Disney Productions

About This Quiz

Disney princesses were created as a way to lighten up Grimm’s fairy tales. They originated as super dark characters with absolutely no happy ending. Walt Disney came along and turned them into characters that people everywhere could try and see themselves in.

Picking a Disney princess to feel connected to was usually based on hair color, eye color or some other shared characteristic. If you were a blonde, you most likely felt most like Cinderella whether or not you spent most of your time mopping the floor and living in an attic. But as people get older, the way they look at Disney princesses changes. They look at who they are as a person, what they represent and how they act around their families. But also, the dresses and tiaras are still pretty important.

Narrowing down the way you choose a Disney princess you feel connected to also makes it easier to figure out which one is absolutely nothing like you. Maybe there’s a princess that’s more adventurous than you could ever be. Maybe there’s one that just has too much of a different personality than you. Or perhaps you don’t love talking to animals that much. Answer these questions, and we’ll tell you which Disney princess you’re nothing like!

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