Which Dog Breed Is Your Kindred Spirit?

Zoe Samuel

How many courses of dinner do you insist on?

What would make you back down from a fight?

How do you do with strangers?

How useful are you at doing manual labor?

How do you like to relax on a day off?

What sort of physical challenge do you have?

What problem does everyone incorrectly assume you have?

How do you fare in the dead of winter?

How do feel in a crowd of strangers?

Do you ever feel the urge to just take the plunge on something dangerous?

What's your reputation at work?

How religious are you?

Which hair style is closest to yours?

Which job would you prefer?

Where would you love to live?

What kind of house do you like best?

Which sport would you like to play?

How do your personal friends act when you run into them unexpectedly?

How do you fare in the summer?

Which description best describes your job?

How easily recognized are you?

How well liked are you?

How spoiled are you?

If you had to live in another era, what profession would you want?

What pro sport do you like to watch?

What is your Olympic event?

What sort of badass wants you as a friend?

Where do you spend most of your time, day to day?

How territorial are you?

Do you travel well?

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Image: Purple Collar Pet Photography/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Scientists believe that the earliest dogs were some manner of wolf, some of which grew accustomed to following human settlers, eating the scraps they left behind. Eventually, these wolves became socialized in a way not unlike humans, and they became friendly to humans. It wasn't long before dog and man were partners on the hunt, taking shifts protecting the camp, or retrieving game birds.

Dogs have filled roles in human culture since they came in from the cold, and humans learned, over thousands of years, how to selectively breed dogs for specific qualities. From this relationship came the plethora of dog breeds we know and love today. Some dogs were bred to spot game. Some were bred to retrieve game. Some were bred to protect the camp. Some were bred to be companions. Today, the qualities bred into dogs for their original jobs are re-purposed so that dogs can serve as guides for the blind, emotional support companions, illicit drug investigators, and bomb locators. It is rumored that specially trained attack dogs were even on the raid to capture or kill Osama bin Laden.

With such a cornucopia of canines, which one is your kindred spirit? Worry not, friend! We'll sort you out. Just take this quiz!

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