Which Dr. Strangelove Character Are You?

Mark Lichtenstein

How high up the food chain are you at work?

Does anyone respect your authority?

Do you command the respect of your peers?

Do you command the respect of your superiors?

Do you make informed decisions?

Do you make rash decisions?

How well do your plans work out?

How careful are you about your diet?

Are you capable of putting your foot down?

What sounds most like your dream job?

How are you in a crisis?

Do you have a secret agenda?

Do you harbor any personal secrets?

How open-minded are you?

Are you a bit sexist?

Do you have a substance abuse problem?

Do you feel you could relate particularly well to other people in your life story?

Do you feel you've been passed over?

Are you an optimist?

Are you single?

Are you an attractive person?

Is your ideology pure?

If it was definitely the end of the world, what would you do?

No, really, what would you do?

No. Really. What would you do?

How do you feel about Russia?

What are your feelings about nuclear disarmament?

Which movie do you like best?

What is your worst fear?

Have you actually seen Dr. Strangelove?

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Image: Collage; Group Capt. Lionel Mandrake, Dr. Strangelove, President Merkin Muffley

About This Quiz

Are you a secret fascist, or do you carefully monitor your fluids? Dr. Strangelove is one of the greatest comedies of all time, and one of the best movies about the Cold War. Which character are you?

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