Which Element Best Reflects Your Soul?

By: Khadija Leon

Which of these words describes your personality?

What is your zodiac sign?

Which of these animals is your spirit animal?

What do you think is your worst personality trait?

Which of these quotes would you adopt?

Which of your senses is strongest?

Would you say that you are predictable?

Do you get angry easily?

How do you respond to confrontation?

Are you the type of person who holds grudges?

Which of these jobs would you be happiest with?

What would your coworkers say about you?

When you have free time, you like to…

Your plans for the weekend change last minute, what do you do?

Which of these alcoholic beverages are you likely to have on a night out?

Where are you most likely to spend your vacation?

What is your favorite season?

What kind of colors do you like to wear?

Would you stop what you are doing to help a friend?

You find out that your friend has been lying to you; what do you do?

What is your relationship status?

Which of these qualities do you value in other people?

How would you describe your relationship with your parents?

Which of these movies would you like to see?

Which of these television characters reminds you of yourself?

If you attended Hogwarts, which of these houses would you be sorted into?

If you were to own a Pokemon, which of these would it be?

What kind of videos do you like to watch on YouTube?

Which of these high school stereotypical cliques did you belong to?

When given an assignment, how soon do you start it?

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About This Quiz

In many religions and across many cultures, a person's soul is defined as the incorporeal essence of a human being. It is an integral part of who you are, the better part, and unlike the body, which will one day decay, it is thought to be immortal. 

Whether you go to church or not, many people believe that souls exist, and like us, they possess traits or characteristics that make us all unique. They help to guide us in our decision making, and some people believe that the absence of one leads you to make very poor and dangerous choices.

While every soul is different, they can be categorized into groups based on personality traits that the person possesses. Which of the four main elements reflects your soul? Will your soul be as intuitive as water, or will it be as confident and ambitious as fire? Will your soul be as grounded and patient as earth or as curious and unpredictable as air? If you would like to find out which of the four your soul is most like, then you've come to the right place.

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