Quiz: Which Element Matches Your Soul?
Which Element Matches Your Soul?
By: Steven Miller
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

As Carl Sagan said, "We are all made of star stuff." That is, all the elements are forged in the cores of stars and thrown out into the universe when those stars explode.  So, we truly are made of the elemental pieces that were once a part of a heavenly body. When you start thinking of yourself in this way, looking at the periodic table and searching for representation for your soul becomes a lot less "out there." 

Each element has characteristics and associations that have been tied to it over the years. For example, when you hear the word hydrogen, all kinds of connections start forming in your mind: you likely have the thought that hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. You probably also imagine a hydrogen-filled balloon bursting into flames in the sky.  It is through these links that a story begins to take shape. For instance, a soul that connected to hydrogen will prefer to keep things simple, but will also derive great satisfaction out of interacting with others.

Will you be the kind of soul that is connected to the more common, lighter elements that exist in the single digit atomic numbers, or will you be the sort of unique spirit that identifies with the heavy and more complicated elements that are higher on the chart? Come on into the laboratory and let's find out.

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