Quiz: In which era do you really belong?
In which era do you really belong?
By: David Cooper
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About This Quiz

Do you feel like you weren't born in the right time period? Do you wonder what life would be like if we were born in a different era? Find out in which time period you really belong by taking this quiz!

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What are you most likely to get attention for in public?

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What one word describes your style of dress?

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Which animal are you most like?

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Which of these kinds of gatherings appeals to you

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Which modern celebrity do you most admire?

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What kind of teacher would you like to be?

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Which European country would you visit?

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When was the last time you've been injured?

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Which ancient figure do you most admire?

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What is your ideal form of transportation?

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Who is your favorite president?

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What is the last thing you do each day?

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What does the world need more of today?

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What do you use to protect yourself?

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