Quiz: Which European City Should You Live In?
Which European City Should You Live In?
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

No matter what kind of lifestyle you are looking to lead, Europe has a city built just for you! Okay, so, it wasn't built specifically for you. Europe is sure to have a city designed to suit your every need and whim. Get out your passport and travel overseas with us, and help us find your future European home! You don't need your passport for the quiz, but a little geographical knowledge might not hurt.

Tell us the things you value in life, and share the things you need to live near. Additionally, your everyday routine could offer valuable insight into finding the perfect European city. Are you willing to learn an entirely new language or would you prefer to stay in an English speaking country? Telling us what you need to feel happiest and will go a long way to finding your new city. With such rich city histories, you might just be happy to live in any one of Europe's cities. However, we think we should get a little more specific during this quiz.

Let's narrow down pieces of your lifestyle that you want to keep when you live overseas. Then, we'll take at the things you want from a European city. With a little internet magic, your answer will transport you. And you won't even have to go through baggage claim!

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