Quiz: Which Fair Food Matches Your Personality?
Which Fair Food Matches Your Personality?
By: Ian Fortey
Image: RobinHiggins / PublicDomainPictures / skeez / Pixabay

About This Quiz

Fair food may sound terribly unhealthy at first and, if we're being fair, it probably is. But that's not looking deep enough! The world of fair food is a world of creativity and joy. It's pushing the envelope and having fun.  It's deep fried. So much deep-fried everything. But that's part of the appeal, too. It's not hindered by the rules of society. There's no stress in fair food. It's just real, unapologetic stuff. 

When you look at fair food in those terms, is it any wonder we love it so much? How can you reject a corn dog when it's being so honest with you? It's unhealthy, and it knows it. It doesn't care! It just wants to be accepted for what it is. 

There are a lot of parallels between fair foods and people when you really get down to it. We may look sweet or crusty, but when you peel back the layers, there's some real meat underneath.  Some substance.  There's a surprise inside! Things just got real over here. If you've always felt you needed to understand your inner deep-fried Twinkie better, take the quiz! Answer honestly about yourself, and we'll tell you just what delicious fair food represents your personality!

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What's the thing that attracts you most at the fair?

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What's the best way to cook food?

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If you could do anything on a Friday night, what would you do?

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Who are you taking with you when you go to the fair?

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Do you consider yourself soft-spoken or do you make sure everyone can hear you?

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What's the best kind of ride at a fair anyway?

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What kind of food should never be deep-fried?

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What's your favorite fast food restaurant?

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What fair food staple do you think is super overrated?

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Suppose the fair got rained out, what would you do with your time instead?

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There's usually lots going on at a county fair. What other attractions would you check out?

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What dessert turns into the best deep-fried treat?

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Not every trip ends up being the best ever. What could really ruin your fair experience?

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Would you go to a restaurant that served fair food all year round?

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Do you ever play the games when a fair comes to town?

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If you could try any deep-fried chocolate bar in the world, what would you try?

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Fairs are known for having competitive eating competitions. What could you eat the most of in a competition?

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You can't eat all that fried food without a drink to wash it down. What goes best with your fair food?

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Every year fairs try to outdo themselves with new fair foods. If you had to pick one of these to try, what would it be?

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Have you ever gone to another town just to experience their fair?

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