Quiz: Which Famous Basketball Legend Are You?
Which Famous Basketball Legend Are You?
By: Steven Miller
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

The gym lights are only barely on, but one player is working on that jump shot deep into the night. It's clear that this is an athlete that is totally committed to being the greatest of all time, otherwise known as the GOAT. These are the leaders in the locker room and on the floor. They command respect through their absolute commitment to winning and high standards of excellence in all that they do. The question is, which one of these iconic basketball greats is most closely connected to who you are?

Does it all seem to come so naturally for you in life? Are you a gifted athlete and a charismatic personality who would seem to thrive in pretty much any circumstance? If so, there's a bigger-than-life figure that managed to put up 100-points in a single game that we think might be a perfect match for you.

Maybe you're more of the quiet type, a player who prefers to let their performance on the court do the talking for them. If you've always had at least one pair of Air Jordans and you truly do want to "be like Mike," maybe you are a Chicago Bull at heart.

Perhaps you are more of a WNBA fan, someone who can relate to a pioneer on the court and in the real world. If so, there's an iconic name at the top of the scoring charts that just might be your match.

Your theme song is blasting, and the announcer is about to call your name. Get out of that warm-up gear and get in the game.

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