Quiz: Which Famous Horse Is the Best Companion for You?
Which Famous Horse Is the Best Companion for You?
By: Zoe Samuel

About This Quiz

Companionship is defined as a fellowship existing between two different people, or between a person and another living being. These animals make us laugh, cry, get us upset and in many cases, they provide both physical and emotional support that other humans can't provide. There have even been studies which prove that animal companionship can improve both the therapeutic benefits to humans, which is why we've made many quizzes about animals.

When people think about animal companionship, they usually think about small animals like dogs and cats which are somewhat easy to manage. Horses, however, are not a very popular choice but make some of the best relationships. Not only can you ride them, but some breeds are very easy to care for.

Throughout history, we have encountered many famous horses, most of which are popular for racing. These beautiful creatures have also appeared in both animated and live action television and film. Some of the most popular ones include Secretariat, Pegasus, Black Beauty, Khan, Seabiscuit, Man o' War and Trigger.

Which of the many famous horses would be your companion? Will you be riding off into the sunset with your new pal or will you two butt heads? If you want to know, get started by taking this quiz!

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