Quiz: Which Famous Painting Reflects Your Inner Beauty?
Which Famous Painting Reflects Your Inner Beauty?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

We have seen ourselves in art since the earliest forms of it. We think of cave paintings as the first attempts by humans to create art, but it's more likely that cave paintings are just the oldest art to survive. Still, art at the time was used to educate people, to teach skills like recognizing different kinds of animals, or to commemorate history and remember lost loved ones.

Art began to look backward in the Middle Ages, collecting techniques from the Greeks and Romans and putting them into religious art. The Mannerists took classical art in yet another direction, using the medium to distort forms for aesthetic effect, creating otherworldly art that on the surface, at least, seemed natural.

Today, more than anything, art looks ahead. Paintings are not tied to specific traditions as they once were, but they can be if the artist so chooses. Paintings are not merely collectors' investments, they are windows to the soul of both the artist and the onlooker. When you see someone who catches sight of a breathtaking piece of art for the first time, you see them at their most unguarded moment.

So what painting reflects your inner beauty? If you really want to know, you only need to take this quiz to find out.

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