Which Fantasy Heroine Are You?

Zoe Samuel

Are you good with a sword?

Do you use magic?

Can you hunt?

What's for dinner?

Who is your enemy?

Who are your friends?

What motivates you?

Any time for romance?

Are you a trailblazer?

What do you fear?

What do you believe in?

Are you a natural leader?

Do you wish you could give up your heroic status?

Would you ever be the sidekick?

What's a normal day for you?

What's a good fighting outfit?

Do you like the library?

If you fail in your quest, what will happen?

What's your family situation?

Do you consider looking good to be important?

Do you have a mentor?

What's the one line you would never cross even to pursue a good end?

Are witches good or bad?

Do you have a title?

Where are you from?

When are you from?

Are you comfortable among ordinary people?

Are you obliged to maintain a masquerade to do what you do?

If you didn't have to be a hero, what would you do?

What's the best thing about being a hero?

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Image: The Movie DB

About This Quiz

From brain to brawn to mad magic skills, fantasy heroines do it all. Which badass lady of the realm of the impossible is your role model? Take this quiz to find out!

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