Quiz: Which Fast Food Restaurant Are You?
Which Fast Food Restaurant Are You?
By: Teresa M.
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

BA DA BA BA BA. I'm lovin' it! You're about to love this quiz! When it comes to all the fast food restaurants, which one connects with your heart and your stomach? From having it your way to eating fresh, which fast food restaurant are you?

In the 1800s, it seems food was particularly slow! The first fast food restaurant appeared in the 1920s as a White Castle. The list would continue to grow with additions like McDonald's and KFC. KFC owners would then branch out to introduce Wendy's in the '60s and tons of others would follow. While fast food is known for its delicious options but HIGH calories, chains like Subway were opened to give consumers the option to eat quick, delicious, and healthy foods. From double-patty burgers to classic subs, which fast food restaurant are you?

If you're classic, peppy, and constantly loving it, maybe you're the quintessential fast food restaurant, McDonald's! Are you demanding and know what you want? You're definitely having it your way at Burger King! For the delicious and sweet, you're probably the fan favorite, Cinnabon! Is your personality crispy and sometimes a little spicy? You're probably the Colonel's favorite, KFC! 

From all the delicious choices to choose from, which fast food restaurant are you? Whichever one you are, we know you'll be delicious! Let's eat!

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