Which Fast & Furious Car Would You Drive?

Zoe Samuel

Do you want to spend a lot of money?

Whose envy matters most?

How practical are you?

How important is fuel consumption?

Do you ever want to blend in?

Do you carry a lot of luggage?

Who else drives with you?

Are you planning a quick getaway?

Do you care about resale value?

Do you have good reflexes?

How sentimental are you?

What sort of design do you like?

Do you love taking frivolous risks?

Do you mind driving a car that's quite challenging to handle?

Are you really all about the horsepower?

Do you think racing in the streets is how a good citizen behaves?

How eccentric are you?

Is it important to be cool?

Could you get a child seat into the car?

What crime might you commit using your car?

Which item might you like to steal?

How do you feel about the long arm of the law?

Are you a master of disguise?

If you had to take public transport, what would you take?

Can you maintain a car yourself?

How do you feel about electric cars?

What's the worst crash you've ever walked away from?

Do you like a secret compartment in your car?

Is it true that the louder the engine, the better?

What's the most annoying thing you could find on your car in the morning?

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Image: Universal Pictures via youtube

About This Quiz

Few films have assumed the role of genre leader quite like "The Fast & the Furious" and its sequels. The 1970s saw a lot of motorcycle movies, the 1990s saw a lot of martial arts movies, and "The Fast & the Furious" saw the rebirth of the 1950s-esque drag racer movie. Unlike Vin Diesel's "XXX," "The Fast & the Furious" was an ensemble film, capable of expanding its cast over the years and changing with the times. Some don't even feature Vin Diesel in a starring role.

The Fast & Furious films capture an imagined world of criminals who get their kicks doing amazing stunts in cars, while such "outlaw gangs" in the real world usually just provide YouTube with great videos of themselves wrapping Mustangs around trees.

People connect with cars on an emotional level. Something about them reaches deep into us and draws out very strong opinions about what is or isn't cool, or practical, or in keeping with our values. 

We came up with a quiz that will bring these feelings into high relief, so park your Prius around the back, torch your motorcycle and put the Segway on Ebay. It's time to find out which Fast & Furious car you would drive!

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