Quiz: Which Feline God Is Your Cat Most Like?
Which Feline God Is Your Cat Most Like?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Cats have been worshiped since the dawn of civilization, in the form of a variety of cat deities and spirits. Even today, a lot of domestic cats think they're gods - and many of their owners agree (at the very least, they wisely do so when the cat is in the room). However, even the most poised and self-aggrandizing moggy would be impressed with some of the achievements of cat gods and goddesses throughout history. It's one thing to have a human willing to empty your litter box, rub your belly, use their laser pointer to entertain you, Instagram your every move and feed you whenever you demand it. It's quite another to have them build a whole temple in your honor and sacrifice animals to you inside it!

Cat deities have appeared in Chinese, Egyptian, Mayan and other cultures. Sometimes they are associated with healing and birth, other times with friendship and the home, and still other times with loyalty, playfulness, protection and good fortune. Anyone who enjoys the company of a cat in their home knows that their kitty brings all of these and more to the relationship - but individual cats certainly lean in one direction or the other. We know your cat always lands on his or her feet - but let's find out who they're channeling when they do!

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