Which Female Celebrity Is Your Soulmate?

Haiden Steingass

What's the last thing you posted on Instagram?

How often do you like to see your family?

What's your dream job?

Can you pick your ideal haircut?

What's a cause you're passionate about?

How do you like to spend your Sundays?

Which brand would you love to represent?

How do you handle pain?

What is your worst nightmare?

In an ideal world, which social issue would not be a thing?

Let's play dress up! What would you rock for an award show?

Tell us about your number-one priority?

If you could be BFFs with one fictional character, who would it be?

Get up and dance! Who dominates your Spotify playlist?

Woo hoo! You just won a Macy's gift card. What kind of shoes will you buy?

Which state in the U.S. is most beautiful?

Which Netflix binge do you wish you could do over?

Your best friend would totally describe you as ...?

You open your front door, and there's a cute 'lil pup waiting for you. What breed is it?

Free time is hard to come by. What do you like doing when you get a moment to relax?

If you took a 23andMe test, what kind of background would it say you have?

What are you most attracted to in a partner?

Tell us - what is your diet like?

Who is your favorite male rapper?

If you could be famous for one reason, what would it be?

If you could be a spokesperson for one of these organizations, which would it be?

Which word best describes your style?

Starbucks is on us. What'll you take?

If you could sell one thing under your name, what would it be?

We've got to know - what's your ideal workout?

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Image: Wiki Commons by Eva Rinaldi

About This Quiz

We all have our idols and our favorite artists. They are likely the people we wish we could be, the ones we are most attracted to, or those we have the most in common with. And with social media nowadays, our favorite celebs might not even seem as distant as they once did. 

In this day in age, we can follow the daily lives of anyone from Britney Spears to Dove Cameron and Kim Kardashian. Anyone you are remotely interested in is just a friend request or follow away, which means we are closer than ever to the rich and famous. But it is about more than fantasizing or admiring celebs. After all, they are humans, too. 

Is it Ariana Grande's voice, Kendall Jenner's looks, or Beyoncé's power and influence that you're attracted to? Maybe it's Michelle Obama's grace and wisdom or Ellen DeGeneres' sense of humor and kindness that get you weak in the knees. They have all got something we're after. 

So, tell us ... which female celeb is your all-time favorite, your idol and - dare we say it - your soulmate? Answer these questions, and we will tell you just which actress, singer or famous influencer is your forever love!

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