Which Fierce Shark Swims in Your Soul?

Ian Fortey

Sharks are feared for their speed and power. What are you feared for?

Let's spend some time at sea. If you won a free cruise, where do you think you'd go?

Sharks are some of the scariest things in the ocean, but what else under the sea gives you the heebie-jeebies?

If you hit up Red Lobster, what are you going to be ordering?

It's rhyme time! Finish this epic poem. "Across the sea, a swimming shark. It's chasing down ________ ."

There are some fun things you can do in the water. What's your favorite aquatic activity?

The world is full of ancient port cities. Which one would you head to for some shore leave?

What's your opinion on sport fishing in the ocean for something like marlin?

Do you think it's easy for people to tell when you're angry or not?

When it comes to making important life decisions, what would you say guides you the most?

All right, you live in the Star Wars universe. Who do you want to hang out with the most?

If you're out at a club with friends and a group of people try to start something with your group, what happens next?

Red Lobster is being renovated today, oh no! Where would you go for seafood instead?

Sharks don't get a ton of love in fiction, but they get some! Who's the best fictional shark of them all?

There are some pretty awesome watercraft in the world. How would you get around on the water if you were having fun in the ocean for a day?

No one's been to every beach in the world, but if you could pick just one to hit up, which one would it be?

Generally speaking, how sneaky would you say that you are?

When you get into a disagreement, how do you usually end up solving it?

It's time to prove your gastronomic prowess. How many Taco Bell soft tacos could you eat in a single sitting?

If it were up to you, would you do most of your work indoors or outdoors?

Have you ever gotten into a physical fight with another person before?

Hollywood loves a good shark tale. What's your favorite shark movie?

In the sea, sharks are the most fearsome predator, so what do you think deserves that title on land?

That "Aquaman" movie was pretty popular. What other hero should he team up with in the sequel?

It's hard to escape social media these days. What's the longest you've gone without checking it in the last month?

If you were single and your friends wanted to set you up on a blind date, would you be down?

How do you do most of your shopping these days anyway?

What do you want to be spending your time doing on a Saturday night?

Do you spend much of your spare time reading?

If you have a boat, you have to give it a good boat name. Which of these do you like the most?

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Image: by wildestanimal / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Thanks to movies like "Jaws," people have been pretty much terrified of sharks for years now. Not that the movie is the only reason; let's be honest, sharks can be pretty scary. In their own element, they're swift, silent and deadly. But you can say the same thing about many wild animals, so it's unfair to look at sharks as only ocean-dwelling eating machines. There are so many breeds of sharks in the sea, some of them posing no threat to humans at all and others that we know almost nothing about. They can be as mysterious as they are dangerous and also pretty cool. Just look at a thresher shark, a whale shark or a hammerhead shark! They're all incredibly different in the way they look and the way they behave. In fact, there's so much diversity in the world of sharks, you might be surprised about how much like us some of them can be.

If you're brave enough to test the murky depths of shark waters, hop on into our quiz and answer some questions about who you are and what you like. There's a good chance that we can find out exactly which fearsome shark is lurking in your soul, just below the surface. Take the quiz and see!

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