Quiz: Which Food Network Chef Should Cook You Dinner? Quiz
Which Food Network Chef Should Cook You Dinner? Quiz
By: Teresa M.
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

Since Food Network first started airing cooking shows, they have been instant hits! Shows like "Iron Chef" and Rachel Ray's "30 Minute Meals" have not only broadened our tastes, but also brought a new wave of culinary awareness into our homes. You might have a favorite Food Network chef that you dream of hiring to prepare your dinner, but are they really the perfect chef for your palate? This quiz will peer into your food and personality preferences and match you with just the right one!

Do you cringe at the thought of eating tripe, or are you willing to give stomach lining a try? Your food tastes should match the star-studded chef who could make a meal that you would never forget! Whether you prefer pork chops or tofu, your celebrity chef should be able to put their kitchen genius to work making sure they cook with your specific preferences in mind. 

Although we're not putting your own culinary skills to the test, it might be a good idea to sharpen your knives anyway, before we begin. You'll want to be prepared to step in and assist your Food Network chef while they learn their way around your kitchen! Let's cook! 

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