Quiz: Which Founding Father Hottie is Your Dreamboat?
Which Founding Father Hottie is Your Dreamboat?
By: Steven Miller
Image: WikiCommons

About This Quiz

One thing's for sure; you're going to be paired up with a brave and brilliant man by the time we wrap up this quiz. Each of the Founding Fathers offers a unique personality, along with a wide range of physical statures for you to compare. Whatever the combination of traits that really gets you going, we're about to find the right architect of our democracy for you.

Perhaps you're someone who prefers to do most of the talking. If you'd really just like a man who can stoically stand by your side and nod occasionally, George Washington might be the right fit for you. When you mention that you highly value honesty and you'd prefer to be matched with a very tall guy, then the first President of the United States seems like he could be just the one we're looking for.

Maybe you're not that drawn to outside appearances. If you want a guy who's the life of the party and can bring people together to work in peace, then you might be meant for Benjamin Franklin. Should you inform us that you find creativity and innovation to be very sexy, then we're pretty sure we can feel the electricity in the air between the two of you.

The Liberty Bell is ringing. Let's find the original American hero that's your true soulmate.

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