Quiz: Which Friend Are You?
Which Friend Are You?
By: Kelly Scott
Image: Warner Bros/YouTube

About This Quiz

"I'll be there for you... 'cause you're there for me too." This quiz will always be there for you, just like the characters from Friends! You might want to be a Chandler, but are you really a Phoebe or Rachel? With an excellent list of characters to pick from, let's find out which Friends character you are!

In 1994, NBC released their newest sitcom, Friends. The show would go on to be one of the best-performing shows on TV. Lasting 10 seasons, with over 230 episodes, the show surely made an impact on viewers. From their amazing cast to their dynamic characters, which "Friend" were you?

Are you intelligent, sensitive, and a bit awkward? You might be like the resident paleontologist, Ross. If you're unafraid to admit that you're a bit spoiled, you're probably like Rachel, but you've got a heart of gold. For those with a kind and nurturing nature, you're probably most like Monica. How could you leave her apartment without a meal?

If you're the resident jokester, you're probably most like Chandler! While he always has a punchline, he's usually the most sensible. If you're eccentric and accepting of all things, you're most like Phoebe! You're not one to sugar coat your feelings. While you might not be the smartest of the bunch, if you're down-to-earth and loyal, you're probably the actor, Joey Tribbiani. 

With these amazing six characters to choose from, how could you ever decide which one you are? You might want to be cool and laid back, like Joey, but you're really a bit high strung, like Monica. You're just a few clicks away from discovering which "Friend" you are. Let's find out!

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