Which "Game of Thrones" Character Is Most Like Your Boss?

Zoe Samuel

Is your boss a good communicator?

Does she have high standards?

Is he self-made?

Does she stand up for her people?

Is she insecure?

Is she smart?

Does she get you on board with her mission?

Does she listen to subordinates?

How funny is he?

Is he resourceful?

Does she get on with subordinates and seniors alike?

Is he a disrupter?

Does she come from privilege?

Is she someone people look up to?

Does he know how to fail gracefully?

Does she have a hot temper?

Is he good at building bridges?

Does she keep her word?

Is he forward-looking?

Is she respected in her industry?

Does he like to risk it all?

Is she conservative in her business thinking?

How did he get his job?

Would you invest in her?

Do you think he will be good for the company?

What's a strength she has as a boss?

Does he dress like a professional?

Is she adaptable?

Does he know how to run a business?

Are you secretly looking for another job?

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Image: Collage; Bronn, Joffrey, Tyrion

About This Quiz

Like kings, ladies, and peasants, bosses come in many types: good and bad, and everything between. Which "Game of Thrones" character does your boss take after?

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