Quiz: Which Gemstone Matches Your Aura?
Which Gemstone Matches Your Aura?
By: Pierre Roustan
Image: Malerapaso/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

We think it's just a bit too easy to go by the month when looking at gemstones. What does it matter what month you were born in? That doesn't mean your spirit resides in a ruby! The fact is your personality, your aura, encompasses so much more than a mere month. Consider the possibility that your soul may exist within something so much more. Here's the key of what you should be looking for in a gemstone so rare that there may even be an actual "soul" within the stone ...

Every gemstone in history has had a myth behind it. Diamonds were known to be birthed by lightning against stone, for instance. Still to this day many consider amethyst to be a magical relic of uncompromising power. Again, they're myths, but just ask yourself who began these stories and why? These gems are spectacles of unbridled aura, faith, memories, and more. And you wouldn't believe just how many different types of gemstones there are! This is all the more important as to why you must discover where your aura lies and why. Take this quiz right now and find out which gemstone is utterly you today!

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