Which Gemstone Reflects Your Heart?

Teresa McGlothlin

Which one of these things could your heart use the most of right now?

Would you describe your heart as being more guarded or more open?

Do you tend to take criticism to heart and let it upset you?

Would you say that your birthstone is your favorite gemstone?

Which one of these gemstones catches your eye before the others?

If you're heart isn't into something, do you have a hard time completing tasks?

Do you have a special place in your heart in animals?

If you wanted to relieve a little stress, which gemstone would you use?

Do you usually make decisions with your heart or with your head?

When you fall in love, do fall fast or take your time?

Which one of these animals would you prefer to have looking out for your heart?

How do you calm any storm that might be taking place inside you?

Daily, monthly or yearly? How often do you check your romance horoscope?

What is the first thing you do when you wake up from a confusing dream?

With only one word, what would your last ex say about your relationship style?

Do you think you've met your soulmate yet?

Which song title sums up the way your heart is feeling lately?

Do you believe that your heart, your soul and your personality are the same thing?

If you wanted to clear your mind, what gemstone would you carry in your pocket?

What makes your heart feel the happiest?

Would your friends say that you wear your heart on your sleeve?

Are you a diamond in the rough, or are you a polished gem?

Which one of the element names stirs something in your heart?

What kind of vibe do you think new people catching coming from you?

What virtue do you find most important to try to live by?

Is your personality sparkly, or is it brilliantly mysterious?

Can you pick up on people's energies when you first meet them?

Some people think home is where the heart is. Where is your heart?

What kind of movie could be made about the state of your love life?

When you are in a relationship, what does your heart bring to the table?

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Image: Natalia Ganelin / Moment / GettyImages

About This Quiz

You might not realize it, but your heart sparkles like a gemstone when its viewed by other people. The way you love, the way you care and the way you make it through life's tough situations are all reflected in the light you throw off. Once you answer these questions about your heart, we'll tell you what sort of gemstone others are seeing in you!

 Whether you agree or disagree that our hearts are the culmination of our souls and our personalities, every answer shows us something about your heart. Those with guarded hearts will be skeptics, and those will open hearts will have to stop to think. There's nothing wrong with either approach, but your answers will help us relate your traits to the known properties of some of the earth's most beautiful creations. 

Both raw gemstones and polished gemstones carry their own type of beauty—just like every person on earth. Let your quirks and your characteristic shine while you answer, and we'll know which kind of gemstone you are most like. Are you hard like a diamond, or are you soft like turquoise? Tell us about your heart, and learn why your gem says more about you than your coworkers ever could! 

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