Quiz: Which Gemstone Should You Carry for Protection?
Which Gemstone Should You Carry for Protection?
By: Tori Highley
Image: Shuttterstock

About This Quiz

Accidents happen every day, whether the results are a poor choice of words or physical harm. Protecting yourself is a wise decision. We wear seatbelts to protect us in the car and use passwords to protect our information. Why not wear a gemstone to protect yourself as well? 

Negative energy can have a bad effect on your day. Not only does it affect what others do and say to you, but it also warps your decisions and intentions as well. Luckily, gemstones of protection can transform negativity into agents of goodness and prosperity. Protecting against negative energy will promote clear thinking and positivity in your everyday life, not to mention changing the ill intentions of others. 

Take control of the energies around you, and protect your positive aura with a personal protection amulet. Our quiz will help you transform your life by selecting the gemstone you need the most. Knowledge is power, and learning which gemstone will protect you gives you the agency to change your life for the better. Protect yourself against negativity affecting your life, and transform your aura with the help of our quiz. 

Be proactive and gain protection from the negative forces around you with the help of our quiz!

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