Quiz: Which Gilmore Girl Are You? Quiz
Which Gilmore Girl Are You? Quiz
By: Ashley D.
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

They shoot Gilmores, don't they? Not here, they don't! The Gilmore Girls and their friends are some of our favorite characters. From Lorelai to Sookie and Rory to Paris, which Gilmore Girls character are you?

Starting in 2000, the former network, The WB, released their newest family drama, Gilmore Girls. The series followed a single mother, Lorelai, as she tried to raise her bright daughter, Rory. Through their seven-year run, the show probably introduced a slew of characters you could identify with. We're here to discover which Gilmore girl is true to you!

If you're fun, quick-witted and addicted to caffeine, you'd probably be like Lorelai. Not everyone can handle your humor and sarcasm, but you're loved by everyone!

Maybe you're bright and intelligent like the beautiful Rory! Your shy nature might be due to you getting lost within the world of books, but there's more than meets the eye about our favorite bookworm!

For the slightly neurotic go-getters, you'd probably favor Paris! Never willing to be defeated, your strong opinions will take you places!

You might be like these characters, or maybe you're fun and passionate like Sookie. You might even be the down-to-earth rebel, Lane. If you're stuck trying to figure out which Gilmore girl you actually are, look no further!

Put down the cup of coffee if you're Lorelai and the book if you're Rory! Find out where you fit into the cast of Gilmore Girls!

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