Which "Goonies" Character Are You, Based on Your '80s Preferences?

By: Amanda Monell

Which of Michael Jackson's songs is your favorite?

Of the 1980s movies listed below, which one would you watch again?

Did you own any scrunchies?

Cyndi Lauper performed a song on "The Goonies" soundtrack. Which of her other songs makes you want to sing?

Did you own a Discman?

What was the biggest drawback of owning a boom box?

Which of the kids on "The Cosby Show" do you identify with the most?

Which 1980s sitcom did you enjoy watching?

Corey Feldman was not only a member of the cast of "The Goonies," he was also a celebrity who became a household name in the 1980s. Which one of his films have you seen?

The 1980s were a great time to catch a slasher film. Which one of these movies would scare you the most?

A trend in the 1980s was having multiple piercings in your ears. How many did you have?

Which girl from "The Goonies" would you date?

What pirate film would you watch?

Which of these plastic charms would you add to your necklace?

Did you ever try to break dance?

Were you ever able to solve a Rubik's Cube?

To you, what was the biggest disadvantage to wearing jelly shoes?

Did you ever receive a friendship bracelet?

How big was your hair in the 1980s?

Which of these 1980s hair fads did you try?

How did you feel about Garbage Pail Kids?

Did your parents wait in line for a Cabbage Patch Kid?

Which of these 1980s fads would you like to come back?

Which of these foods from the 1980s do you still eat?

How much MTV did you watch?

Which video game system was your favorite?

Did you try New Coke?

Which of the Golden Girls was your favorite?

Madonna was the Queen of Pop in the 1980s. Which of her songs was your favorite?

Did you have a slap bracelet?

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Image: Warner Bros.,Amblin Entertainment via youtube

About This Quiz

Now that many of the '80s kids have grown up. Many are flocking to revisit "The Goonies."  Why?  It could be to revisit their childhoods, but in many cases, it is to introduce their children to one of their favorite films.  "The Goonies" was an essential childhood film in the '80s because it had everything that a kid could dream of: a gang of friends, a legend of a dangerous pirate, and a mysterious treasure, to name a few.  That and the universal message that friendship will help you conquer every obstacle in your path, from developers destroying your homes to dodging booby traps in a pirate's cave.

One of the cooler things about "The Goonies" is that many of the actors associated with the film have grown up to be established actors and entertainers.  Sean Astin, who played the lead, Mikey, has been in a couple of amazing films: he played the title role in "Rudy" as well as Samwise Gamgee in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.  One of his more recent roles was Joyce Byers's new love, Bob Newby, on the hit show, "Stranger Things."  Josh Brolin, who played Mikey's older brother, Brand, went on to star in a few films you may recognize; "No Country for Old Men," "True Grit," and a couple of the Avenger films.

So, which one of these fun and eclectic characters are you?  Let's hop into our time machine, warp back to the 1980s, and answer some questions about your preferences.  We'll analyze your answers and tell you which Goonie you are!

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