Quiz: Which Greek God Is Your Soulmate?
Which Greek God Is Your Soulmate?
By: Khadija Leon
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

In Ancient Greek mythology, several gods and goddesses were responsible for ruling over the heavens and the earth, some of the most popular of which are Ares, Dionysus, Hades, Hephaestus, and Demeter. They were each tasked with looking over the human race, and they each had areas which they held dominion over. They not only hold a significant importance in Greek culture, but they also served as the inspiration for many things in popular culture.

Apart from their powers, these gods were also known for their relationships and the offspring which resulted from those many relationships. While some Greek Gods were known for being promiscuous, there were some who set great examples of what real love and romance should be.

Which one of the Greek gods would be your perfect soulmate? Will he treat you like the god or goddess that you deserve to be treated like? Will you be making your new home in Mount Olympus with Zeus? Will you be traveling across the seven seas with Poseidon? Will you be discovering the arts with Apollo or will you be spoiled with expensive gifts by getting with Hermes? The only way to find out is to take this quiz!

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