Which Greek God or Goddess Are You?

Olivia Cantor

Do you appreciate all kinds of music?

Are you generally or occasionally an angry person?

Do you indulge in various pleasures of the flesh?

Do you believe that a woman can be a great warrior?

Are you into some kind of sports, whether for recreational or competition purposes?

Do you have a temper?

Do you think outer beauty is more important than inner beauty!

Do you like to make elaborate plans before engaging in certain actions?

Is your intuition about things very accurate?

Are you some sort of war freak in daily life?

Are you flirty, from time to time?

Will you counsel or mentor someone with a fighting potential?

Do you believe more in physical healing or spiritual healing?

Will you immediately charge a person who did you wrong?

Do you believe the song “All You Need is Love?”

Are you a book lover?

Do you hate liars or lying, especially when done by people close to you?

Are you willing to listen to someone’s side before getting mad at them, for some reason?

Do you think single people are also capable of (having) love?

Do you love learning new things?

Do you have one person in the world you’re closest to, like a partner or a BFF?

Do you get easily irritated, or does it take more to irritate you?

Are you OK with people reinventing relationships, like speed dating, having mutual understandings only, or even just being FWBs?

Do you have patience with people who are not so smart?

Even if you’re a peace-loving person, would you say that you can also “hex” someone if so inclined?

Will you go head to head with someone without a strategy?

Are you OK with public displays of affection, done by any kind of couple?

Do you like equally smart people?

Do you also care for the rule of law, under any circumstances!

Do you believe in the message of the song “What The World Needs Now is Love?”

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Image: Photography by Jeremy Villasis./Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Greek mythology has always fascinated people who love unusual stories, great adventures, and mythical creatures. Are you any of the many gods or goddesses that they have in there? This quiz can help you determine that!

For centuries, there have been many kinds of personalities in these mythical stories that storytellers have used as archetypes for their own characters, as inspiration for their own stories, or as a jumping-off point to create something new or updated. Take literature and the movies as examples. Global pop culture has always been inspired by the many elements that happen in these Greek myths. Do you remember the Percy Jackson book series? They were even turned into films. You can see there how the author was able to modernize some of the Greek myth elements, characters, and story lines to fit our modern-day world and concerns. That's really awesome.

Now, do you remember the naughty gods, the sultry goddesses and the character traits they have? Who knows, you may be sharing these traits with them, and you just don't know it. So let's take this fun personality quiz, and see who matches with you, OK?

Let's go!

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