Quiz: Which Greek God Would Be Your Parent?
Which Greek God Would Be Your Parent?
By: Khadija Leon
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

Have you ever thought about where you got some of your traits from? Everything from your personality to your physical attributes to the way that you handle certain situations comes both from what you inherited from your parents and the way in which you grew up, what some people refer to as the nature and nurture theory.

Whichever one is more dominant varies from person to person, but it all begins with the parents and how you were raised. Did you grow up in a strict household with rules, chores, and curfews, or did your parents treat you more like a friend and allowed you to do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted?

Like many people, the Greek Gods were known for having children, many of them showing the same traits as their parents and some of whom couldn't be more opposite than them. Is there a specific God who you think could have been your parent or one who even reminds you of your own? Tell us some things about you like how you grew up, what kind of grades you got and the person that you are today, and we will tell you who your Greek God parent is!

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