Quiz: Which Greek Goddess Is Best Suited to Guide You?
Which Greek Goddess Is Best Suited to Guide You?
By: Steven Miller
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

When the ancient people of Greece looked around at the world, they noticed themes that repeated over and over again in their everyday lives. They conceived of these characteristics as universal expressions of divine nature. These energetic patterns became associated with figures who could embody and hold those characteristics in a sacred way, the gods and goddesses. Therefore, when a person needed help in a certain area of their lives, there was a specific deity that could be contacted directly.

Although we may not conceive of the gods and goddesses in the same way in the modern world, we can appreciate the symbolism of these activities and the benefits of being guided by a character who exemplifies our desired result. For example, if you happen to be struggling with your love life, it can be helpful to imagine a beautiful, angelic being who is standing by your side and helping you to navigate the path to your true love.

Similarly, if you're struggling with finding inspiration for an artistic or creative project, we've got a goddess for that. Alternatively, if you find yourself being drawn to cultivating your familial relationships and the general sense of home in your life, there's a goddess who's ready to inspire your renovations. If you have a bigger vision and feel compelled to work on planetary issues, there's an embodiment of "Mother Earth" that should be the perfect symbol to spur you on.

The time has come. Enter the temple, and do so with reverence and humility.

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