Quiz: Which Grey's Anatomy character are you?
Which Grey's Anatomy character are you?
By: Joshua Laurent
Image: The Movie DB

About This Quiz

Grey's Anatomy is a medical drama that has aired on ABC for 14 seasons now. The show shows no signs of slowing down, and has kept viewers on their toes for years now. Out of all the doctors that have passed through Grey Sloan Memorial, formerly known as Seattle Grace Mercy West, just which character are you? Strap on your stethoscope (and check your hair) and find out!

Are you Derek Shepherd? He was a sweetheart, but boy was he cocky! Are you the skilled neurosurgeon? Or are you Meredith Grey? The woman who is as brilliant as she is damaged? Meredith's upbringing and life were not easy and it definitely shows in her interactions with her friends. What about Izzie? If you think Meredith had problems, then you definitely haven't heard of Izzie. She was definitely a sweetheart, but she was apt to go dark at any second. Or are you George, the guy who everyone walked over but was as genuine as they came? 

These doctors save lives every single Thursday night (the time varies) while juggling all the drama that comes with their personal lives. Are you up for the challenge of operating on someone, or will you wash out with some of the interns? Find out with this quiz? 

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