Quiz: Which Happy Days Character Were You in High School?
Which Happy Days Character Were You in High School?
By: Teresa M.
Image: The Movi e DB

About This Quiz

Let's take a trip back to your high school years! That awkward period of time that you thought you'd never survive, but that you now might wish you could revisit will tell us which Happy Days character you were back then. Were you a rebel like Fonzie, or you were just trying to do the right thing all the time like Richie Cunningham? 

No matter what you would have ordered back at Arnold's, the way you survived your high school years will tell us which of the lovable, high school students you were. Even if you weren't as in love with someone as Joanie was with Chachi, we can assure you that you have a twin character in the cast somewhere. Whether you were a people pleaser who would never want to upset your parents or a class skipping adventurer, we want to know all the details. It will help us best summarize the traits you have in common with the gang. 

You can wear a leather jacket or a variety letter jacket for this one, but we don't recommend motorcycle riding during quizzes. Other than that, tell us about your high school years. Then, we'll let you know if you are as sweet as Potsie!

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