Which Harry Potter Mother Are You?

By: Zoe Samuel

How loyal are you?

What's your hair like?

What would you sacrifice for your child?

What skill do you have?

What spell do you dislike to use?

What is your Patronus?

What do you do for fun?

How does your family relax together?

What's your relationship with your husband like?

How affluent are you?

Do you do the cooking at home?

Do you get on with the other moms at Hogwarts?

Did you work hard at school?

How do you feel about Muggles?

What does your husband do?

How many kids is the right number?

Do you have a sister?

Are you proud of your children?

How would you feel if your child was a Squib?

What's in your wand?

What position would you play at Quidditch?

Would you make a good Head Girl?

Are you community-spirited?

How do you feel about Harry Potter himself?

Do you like your children's friends?

Are you and your child ideologically aligned?

Do you appreciate your children's extracurricular sports?

Would you object if your child ended up in a house other than the one you were sorted into?

Do you provide tutoring for your children?

How do you punish your children when they are naughty?

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Image: Collage; Lily Potter, Petunia Dursley, Narcissa Malfoy

About This Quiz

Harry Potter certainly has a few different examples of motherhood in it. From loving Lily Potter to pernicious Petunia Dursley to maternal Molly Weasley to nasty Narcissa Malfoy, which Potter mom's style suits you best?

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