Which Health Snack Should You Munch on to Boost Your Mood?

Steven Miller

What are you looking for in a snack?

How much money do you want to spend on your snack?

How would you describe your current mood?

Would you prefer a snack that is sweet or salty?

Do you feel you need some protein?

Would you prefer a snack that is smooth or crunchy?

Would you describe your current mood as more of a depression or just tired?

How long have you been feeling this way?

How much fruit do you get in your diet?

How does a stimulant like caffeine affect you?

How much fiber do you get in your diet?

Do you like fish?

Are you a vegetarian?

Are you a vegan?

Do you have any allergies to nuts?

How quickly do you need your boost to kick in?

Are you going to be on the move or sitting down to eat your snack?

How much time do you have to prepare your snack?

Which kind of snack food do you usually prefer?

Which word best describes your current mood?

How hungry are you?

What time of the day is it?

How long is it until your next meal?

How much do you like salmon?

How much do you like bananas?

How much do you like nuts?

How much do you like dark chocolate or cacao?

Do you prefer a snack that is soft or hard?

How would you like to feel after your snack?

How adventurous are your tastes?

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About This Quiz

You're feeling down in the dumps or you just need a boost to get you through the rest of the day. Find out which healthy snack would be the best remedy for your current case of the blahs.

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