Quiz: Which Hilarious Female Comic Are You?
Which Hilarious Female Comic Are You?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

While we live in a culture that can be hostile to women who stand up, command attention, and make everyone laugh, that doesn't stop the many thousands of funny women out there from pursuing their dreams of a career in comedy in great numbers than ever. 

As gatekeepers learn that quality can appear in many forms and women forge their own opportunities outside the traditional structures of power in comedy - from digital content that goes viral to starting their own open mics, to filling club after club with laughter - the comedy business is slowly becoming fairer. And because the talent is roughly evenly spread through the people out there, that means it's rapidly getting a lot more female.

Women in comedy may have to overcome more obstacles than their male counterparts, but that doesn't mean it was impossible. Some have made the leap to become household names, and they - and a bunch of very smart and funny men - are helping open doors for the generation that comes next. They work together with producers, agents, executives, bookers, and fans to ensure that the revolution in comedy keeps on rolling, just as we continue to roll in the aisles along the way. Take this quiz to find out which of these trailblazers you are most like!

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