Which Historic American City Should You Live In?

Zoe Samuel

What part of U.S. history do you like best?

What climate do you love?

What food is the best?

What part of history disgusts you most?

How important is LGBT history to you?

Do you love the history of tech?

Are you a scholar of the Revolutionary War?

Are you intrigued by the Antebellum South?

Do you love voodoo?

What architecture suits you?

What even bigger city would you like to be able to reach as needed?

Which state suits you?

What do you want to hear in the street?

How do you want to get around?

How hilly should it be?

What natural disaster are you cool with facing?

What tax level is acceptable to you?

Do you feel ambivalent about the taming of the West?

Do you ride a horse?

Do you keep a gun?

What job would you have had in 1850?

What kind of house do you want to live in?

Why might tourists be in your town?

Do you mind a high cost of living?

What industry do you work in?

How many universities is enough?

Would you expect people overseas to have heard of your home?

Where would you like to vacation?

What sort of music will you listen to in your town?

What special event will you attend?

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Image: C.S. Fly via Wikimedia Commons

About This Quiz

One of the strange assertions that people sometimes make is that America's history is pretty short, and not very interesting. This is, of course, ridiculous to anyone who has taken the time to study what happened in these fine states both since they became states, as well as when they were colonies and territories, and even before that. 

Not all of this history is always taught - and when it is, it is often very inaccurately conveyed. Still, more of it is not preserved as well as it might be, which is a shame because it means so much is continually being lost. Those elements that are preserved are sometimes not the most deserving, while key events and figures go forgotten.

Still, if you want to know your history, one of the best ways to uncover it is simply to live among it. If you live in New York, you not only enjoy the advantages of one of the great engines of the Industrial Age, you can even walk the ancient game trail that is now known as Broadway. In Miami, you can learn about the history of America's Cuban community. In Charleston, you can learn about the horrors of the slave trade. Wherever you go, there is history to be found, lessons to be learned, and both terror and beauty to be seen. Whereabouts suits you best? Let's find out!

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