Quiz: Which Historic Female Assassin Are You?
Which Historic Female Assassin Are You?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Most assassins are never identified, and few share the same motivation for their crimes. Male killers often have a background in their craft, either obtained in the military, the police, or the underworld. Due to the generally accepted gender roles of women, few female assassins have made their mark on history, but their rarity ties perfectly to their uniqueness.

Some female assassins acted out of personal passion, killing those who crossed their families, their allies, and their friends. Others acted out of political motivations, or moral calculus. Still, other female assassins were pure mercenaries, out to make a buck at any cost, to anyone, friend or foe.

Then, of course, there is the matter of methods. Some assassins, especially those driven by personal revenge, prefer to kill close up and personal, to feel the action as much as possible, to obtain satisfaction. 

Other assassins want to be close to the action, so they can oversee it, but retain a safe distance from their target, for plausible deniability. Still other killers, either because they don't mind seeing the death or because they don't want to see it, keep themselves as far from the action as possible, letting others dirty their hands.

How would you kill, and why? Which historic female assassin does that make you?

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