Which Hogwarts Wizard Would You Really Date? Including The “Bad Boys”!

Carina L.

Death Eaters are …

What made Voldemort turn evil?

The Room of Requirement has come to your aid! You're in extreme need of ____?

What would you be?

Which magical item has you the most curious?

Which 'misunderstood' magical creature would you be, if you had the chance?

Which Hogwarts ghost would you want to befriend?

What would you use omnioculars for?

If we say The Burrow, you say?

You've been wrongly put in Azkaban, but you have the choice to get out if you make a deal and "reveal other" Death Eaters. Who do you pick?

Your best friend asks you to illegally become an animagus with them, what do you do?

Which Marauder do you like the most?

What kind of animal would your Patronus be?

Which Deathly Hallow would you love to possess?

Drinking a cup of tea, you look down and notice your leaves for the day predict:

It's the sorting ceremony at Hogwarts, what are you doing?

An angry troll chases you down. What do you do?

What would your boggart turn into?

Which magical creature do you not want to find when you’re all alone?

The school bully just put a body-bind curse on you! What do you do next?

You've been caught sneaking out of school, which Hogwarts professor do you hope it is?

What would you do if you saw a Dementor?

Frog Choir is about to start! What are you doing?

Who would you wish for a bludger to knock them off their broom?

Going into the restroom you realize there isn't any toilet paper. What do you do?

Mandrakes are...

Who would you pick to put bulbadox powder in their pajamas?

If given the chance, would you replace your eye for a Magical Eye?

Hagrid asks you to watch over Fluffy for a weekend, what do you do?

Which person would you rather hex?

If given the chance, would you want to be born a metamorphmagus?

Which is more important?

Final Rounds: If you had a choice, who would you pick to be your best friend?

If you had to choose, who would you pick to be your boyfriend?

If you had to choose, who would you pick as never being in the story?

If you had to choose, who would you pick to kill off?

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About This Quiz

Time and time again we’ve asked ourselves which of the wonderful wizards from Harry Potter we would have dated had we been lucky enough to live in their world. But have we ever stopped to ask whether perhaps it wasn’t only the “wonderful” wizards, but also the “bad” ones and even the Muggle ones that we might have been destined to be with!

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